The Pedone Factor


The Discovery Channel was right. No, not about megalodon. The world IS awesome. I've lived most of my life in the same tiny little corner of the United States, always hearing about other places, seeing them on TV, collecting souvenirs from trips relatives have taken, but never actually getting there myself. As a kid I skied in Colorado, and visited Dallas/Fort Worth a few times. As an adult, I've seen two Blue Jays games in Toronto, and spent a few days in places like Milwaukee and Denver for hockey. I'm getting out more, and exploring, and it has been fantastic! There is so much to see, so much to do, and fortunately, I married a woman who loves to travel as well. So far, we've only taken one major trip - our honeymoon - but we have more planned. Some of which will be just for us, some of which I will share with you, starting with our 2-week long honeymoon, and our forth-coming road-trip to Memphis.

The Pedone Factor Honeymoon


 Prologue…to the Travelogue

 Day 1: The Adventure Begins

 Day 2: There's a 4:30 am ?

 Day 3: On Our Own in a Strange Land

 Day 4: Slanted and Enchanted and Incarcerated

 Day 5: Moving Day

 Day 6: We're Walking, and We're Walking, and We're Walking…

 Day 7: It's Time to Wine

 Day 8: What I want… is More Wine

 Day 9: Beware of Sharks

 Day 10: How Long is 17 Miles, Anyway?

 Day 11: Otterly Fascinating

 Day 12: Soaking in the far Side of the Continent

 Day 13: Travel Day IV: The Voyage Home

The Road to Memphis in May

 The Road to the Road to Memphis in May (coming soon)

More Coming Soon...

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