The Pedone Factor

Like Sugar . . . So Refined

Welcome to The Pedone Factor. We aim to misbehave and entertain. And we're all out of misbehave, which doesn't even make sense, but then, what in this world does? Well, The Pedone Factor, for starters. The Pedone Factor makes sense the same way as hiding your secret identity behind a pair of glasses, but then rushing in to save the same person week after week. That's right, we use super-hypnosis to make you want to read our posts about writing, music, comics, and other pop culture ephemera. Because super-hypnosis is totally real and even works through the internet.

It's the internet, it can do anything.

Some call us The Pedone Factor... Which suits us just fine.

If you would like to contact us with questions, comments, or recipes for delicious baked goods please use this handy form, or e-mail us at


The Pedone Factor - Music


From concert write-ups to Stuff We Listened To, if I wrote something about music, it's in here.

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The Pedone Factor - Comics

Comics/Pop Culture

Comics aren't all spandex and punching and artists with poor understanding of
physiology and anatomy. Some are about squirrels!
Pieces about Comics, Movies, TV, Etc. will be found here.

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The Pedone Factor - Writing


Short stories, essays, travelogues, some writing advice, even some longer work.

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